Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Protection

Q. What types of gutters are available?

A. There are two types of gutters: sectional (traditional) or seamless. You still have choices for materials, colors, and even sizes, but those are always going to be the two options you have. The main difference is that seamless are less likely to have debris that gets caught up and leads to clogs.

Q. Can I install my own gutters?

A. When it comes to seamless gutters, you're definitely going to need a professional to handle the job. With traditional sectional gutters, while it's possible to DIY the job, it's still a better idea to let a pro get the job done. You'll be much happier with the final results.

Q. Is it possible to tell if my gutters are draining properly?

A. If you notice water spilling over the sides or can hear that happening during a rainstorm, this is a good indicator your gutters aren't draining properly. Other signs include the presence of puddles around your house, peeling paint, and rotting wood siding. When in doubt, let a professional take a look and provide you with an assessment.

Q. What is gutter protection?

A. Also referred to as gutter guards or gutter shields, this type of protection is what helps keep debris from entering your gutters. This helps reduce the likelihood of needing cleaning, repairs, or replacement. They should be installed by a professional in order to ensure they'll work properly once in place.

Q. How effective is gutter protection?

A. Much of the success of your gutter guards depends on the quality of the material used. It also depends on who takes care of the installation work. Invest in the best and you'll have a very effective gutter protection system around to help take care of your roof, siding, and the very foundation of your home.

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